Zenchef is the easiest marketing and booking system for restaurants. Manage your bookings, reviews, database and emailing all in one place.

Zenchef’s mission is to make the life of restaurant owners easier.

Its features include: booking, easy website building, collecting customer reviews, maintaining communications on all restaurant channels. These features lead to a stronger digital footprint, therefore both facilitating management work for the restaurant owner, but also increases the number of bookings made for the restaurant owner.

The solution makes collecting bookings easy; with this tool restaurants can collect reservations regardless if they are made online, on the website, via phone, or in person. By centralising all of the bookings, they become much easier to manage. With the added functionality of push notifications, the bookings follow you wherever you are. Bookings are confirmed automatically, and customers can cancel them by one click, you will be notified. This reduces no-shows. Zenchef takes bookings online without any commission. Customers can make the booking in three clicks, available in 5 languages, outreach is larger. The booking widget is embedded on facebook and the website. It is also possible to see whether your customer has visited the restaurant before, their booking form will then be filled in automatically.

Zenchef gets websites seen, and good results on search engines. The website function offers 5 languages, functionalities to show the menu, photos, other customer reviews and the booking system.

Via Zenchef restaurant owners can also better control their customer reviews after each guest visit. After having visited the restaurant, customers receive an automatic email to review the restaurant, they can then publicly review the restaurant and post it on facebook, or privately and send it to the restaurant directly.

Lastly, the solution offers better chances of keeping in touch with customers – this strengthens loyalty. Zenchef has made it easy to communicate via online channels.