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Xeno’s bot Alfred,  leads retailers and restaurateurs to the future of marketing. The solution runs relevant campaigns to existing customers at scale.

Xeno has proven that with the help of their solution customers have been able to increase conversions on campaigns by 60%  to their existing consumers and by doing 95% less work, and time spent.

The problem:

The new age of digital, means the way in which businesses approach their target group has changed. Customers expect extremely personalised offers that suit exactly their preferences and at the right time, used on the channel that suits them best – this to enable that a business is able to achieve a successful campaign. Without technology such as Xeno, businesses can only produce such individualised campaigns by putting in place extensive research and spending a lot of time and budget, this time can be put to better use.

The solution:

Xeno creates one campaign for each and every specific customer. This means they create one million campaigns for one million customers. Xeno’s artificial intelligence makes decisions for every single customer.

  It picks the right channel; Xeno can run campaigns across all channels, from SMS to email to facebook. Xeno integrates all channels at one single point, and picks the right channel for the right customer.

  The right offer

  The right image

  The right date & time

How it works:
Set the goal and the content of the campaign; no need to waste time creating segments, going back and forth with the data analytics team and dealing with other complications.

Let Xeno’s AI technology choose the correct audience: The AI component identifies the best customer to reach out to and shows him the most relevant communications.

The end result is relevant campaigns that delight every customer. Xeno unlocks the key to delighting customers which is: relevance.

Xeno has reduced the manpower required to do this, from 20 down to 1. This can be set up in just hours and increases conversion by 60%.