Paris, France




Wynd digitizes physical stores through connected businesses.

The solution is a SaaS software editor. It supports digital transformation of points of sale and brands while creating new seamless customer journeys resulting in an improvement of their value chain. 

It is a product designed to create and manage all sales channels in-store and out-of store. Its white label platform is designed to create and deploy new customer journeys supported by advanced management tools adapted for multiple points of sale, businesses and devices. The platform can integrate with tools the customer already has via the 100% API modular integration with ERPs. 

The Wynd platform covers multiple features including; points of sales, central management, and customer interfaces. 

The efficient cash management system allows customers to streamline queues and save time on staff training. By being connected, the cashier can centralize orders from all sales channels. End customers can process orders and track their status, receive payments for online orders and finalize those made on wireless tablets. Wynd’s agnostic platform system can be used on existing traditional or mobile devices and can be integrated into an advanced ecosystem of peripherals.

By adapting an e-commerce platform, customers can increase visibility and turnover. End customers will be able to view, order and retrieve products whenever and wherever they want, thanks to new digital services such as click & collect, delivery and online payment.

Omnichannel sales require real-time updates of current stock. Wynd’s stock module keeps control of all points of sale which helps avoid stock shortages, therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

Wynd offers advanced functions for highly flexible processing of financial flows.
The payment module makes it easy to manage payments on all sales channels and integrate with any commission system and economic model (franchise, branch, etc.). Via this function guests can also choose between new payment methods such as pre-payment, multi-party payments, and more. 

Additionally, the platform covers central management, with tools such as reporting, API, an order management system, product information management, and marketing/CRM. Its functions also include customer interfaces.

The Wynd solution maintains brands by allowing them to claim the digital innovations for themselves.