Whole Surplus

Whole Surplus





The start-up, Whole Surplus creates a one-stop shop for food businesses to manage their waste. Through a simple and comprehensive the platform allows businesses to significantly reduce waste and increase donations. The start-up covers the “whole” (entire) value chain from the retailer to the donation, in this way Whole Surplus brings financial and social values from surplus food back to life.


One third of food produced globally ends up as waste, a value of $50bn of food is lost per year from retail businesses alone, creating severe financial, social and environmental impacts – all which could be prevented. With the increasing regulatory pressure, retailers are seeing more technical and managerial barriers enabling them to manage food waste.


Whole Surplus provides a marketplace where retailers can connect directly with food donation centres,  recyclers and surplus resellers. The marketplace takes place on an easy-to-use, streamlined platform.

The platform allows retailers to manage their surplus effectively and reduces waste related costs via data-driven recommendations and a maximisation of tax benefits with donations. The tool enables employees to save time on managing waste surplus, and gain actionable insights on the retail’s waste shrinkage. Best of all, Whole Surplus creates an easy way for retailers to make a positive social impact; playing their part in minimising food waste and in helping non profits in the community.

By managing food surplus across the entire value chain WholeSurplus supports;

Retailers: who can enjoy smart food surplus management at their stores while doing good to society.

Suppliers: who get insights about shrinkage, save from disposal costs and connect to society from warehouses.

Recycling firms: who reduce customer development and waste collection cost and time.

Non profits: who, thanks to the platform,  have a better more efficient way of managing the daily food donation pick up, for free.