April 2015


Stuttgart, Germany




Most foods have a longer shelf-life than we think: with Tsenso customers learn how long this shelf life exactly is – depending on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the supply chain. The “fresh index” is the new real-time shelf life indicator for food.

tsenso is an automated, cloud-based solution to track and gather information on product storage conditions from farm to fork.

It collects complex logistical and monitoring data and aggregates it into a “Fresh Index”, a real-time shelf life indicator. This enables wholesalers and retailers to make decisions on quality assurance and determine weak spots within the supply chain.

Problem: The journey a product takes from farm to fork is long, and passes between several parties making it impossible to know which temperature changes it has been through and how fresh it really is. Tsenso helps solve this in real time.

The three steps to provide the Fresh Index:

  1. Gapless temperature monitoring: with the tsenso cloud, all temperature data along the supply chain are linked centrally. This creates a complete temperature history of the products in questions – from the producer to the distribution and in long term also to refrigerators at home.
  2. Strong partnerships: Tsenso develops the Fresh Index in collaboration with specialists – tsenso has initiated cooperations with researching universities and experienced software experts. For field tests, tsenso reaches out to commerce and logistics businesses.
  3. Calculation of the Fresh Index: With the help of the Fresh Index, users can always assess whether a food is safe and suitable for sale or consumption. In online grocery stores, it offers a quick overview of the freshness of perishable products.

The cloud solution offers temperature monitoring and easy integration. Temperature has a significant impact on food safety and shelf life. The tsenso cloud solution reliably monitors the cold chain. Special feature: the solution can be integrated into existing processes without additional infrastructure.

tsenso offers two options:

  1. Complete solution: Temperature cloud as well as the tsenso bluetooth sensors to read out temperature data within seconds
  2. Cloud solution: Temperature cloud for a detailed evaluation of existing temperature data.

Suppliers, distributors and consumers benefit from a higher level of food transparency which reduces costs, leads to increased trust and less food wastage at all stages of the supply chain.