Zagreb, Croatia



Actionable businesse intelligence (BI) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the hospitality industry.

Small bars and restaurants often approach strategic decision-making by resorting to a pen and paper, giant excel sheets or don’t do it all. Most other industries already have strong BI insight tools provided to them – this has not yet reached the SMEs in the hospitality industry. Independent business owners cannot afford the BI tools available for them on the market, leaving them with their own intuition and non-specific tools. BI intelligence has proven that human behaviour and intuition are rarely benchmarks to be successful in business. All this in face of bigger competitors who can afford dedicated teams whose sole purpose is to optimise the business based on data.

Trakbar provides an accurate sales forecast, analytics in real-time and smart order suggestions backed by AI technology. The solution sets out to help business owners optimise their enterprise, identify trends, uncover threats and find answers to business questions putting them on the same competitive level as big groups but on a SME budget.

As a bet that CEO, Igor Svehla could run a bar and make better business decisions with the help of a BI software. He couldn’t find any he could afford so set out to build one. Igor built his first e-wallet for the Croatian market and that has over 20 years of development experience. Gabriela Lovric(co-founder and COO) has experience in operations and has a major in business strategy and master’s degree in economics.