Bordeaux, France




“The first online Sommelier assistant for restaurateurs”

Somm’it is a SaaS solution that offers several functionalities. “The digital Sommelier”

Functionalities include; an “intelligent” wine list, inventory management, it offers “intelligent” recommendations on prices, a wine/drinks database, performance tracking with actionable date, multi-property management, and client-restaurant application.

Through Somm’it restaurants can manage their wine inventory online at a wider efficiency, by using the SaaS service restaurateurs no longer need excel spreadsheets, folders, or papers to track their wine lists and prices.

By using Somm’it restaurants can create customised wine lists in the space of 30 seconds with the correct mark-up prices at which the wines should be sold, this gives restaurateurs and service more time for other tasks.

The beverage management platform additionally allows restaurants to save up to 3 days of labour by converting manual tracking into digitally managing the beverage inventory and ordering, purchasing. Thanks to Somm’ it the wine list becomes an easy-to-understand tool for restaurant guests as well as it makes it easy for restaurant staff to recommend and sell wines, according to what is in stock.

The tool helps F&B outlets increase sales by +20%, and doubles their margins while selling the best wines – in turn this also increases the customer experience and satisfaction, as they try delicious wines.

An added feature includes the provision of a database that covers over 30 000 wines and spirits, they come with a description for staff and restaurant owners, giving them an in depth knowledge to better communicate on their wine list with customers.

Based on what inventory data tells the tool, Somm’ it generates actionable data and recommends what the prices of different wines in stock should be, in order to create a bigger profit.

Not only is Somm’it a SaaS, but they are also posting frequent blog posts so to inform their clients of new trends, regulations, and other important updates in the beverage industry – positioning themselves as a thought leader in the industry.