March 2016


Berlin, Germany




Smunch (Smart Lunch) is the best lunch program for companies. Smunch is the best way to bring teams together over delicious food. Smunch offers lunches delivered daily to the office so to strengthen employer branding and retain employees.

We make it simple for companies to offer high-quality lunches to their teams, without the huge investment of a kitchen or canteen.

Smunch allows for every employee to pick their preferred lunch. There are plenty of cuisines and restaurants to try from everyday., catering to to all known dietary restrictions. Smunch ensures all food is delivered at the same time so the whole team can eat together. What is more, tax benefits make it affordable.

Smunch operates as a canteen, office caterer or provides for a team lunch.

The problem: Big offices have the luxury of investing in a cafeteria or canteen to provide their employees with a fulfilling lunch during the work day. However, more and more smaller offices start to find a place, and investing in such facilities are costly; Smunch offers a solution for this.

Here is how it works:

Pick what you fancy: we have hand-picked the city’s best chefs. Every user has their own account so food can be ordered individually. Smunch makes sure there is a lunch for everyone

Flexibility: users can choose their lunch until 9.30AM the same day of delivery, and are available one week before the delivery day. If users change their mind on short notice– no problem.

Food is delivered on time: Smunch makes sure all food is delivered on time and at once.

Smunch make tax benefits work in the favour of the customer, and reduce prices to make lunch cost half as much as the regular restaurant price.

Our food comes from a new, hand-picked restaurant each day, giving a huge variety of delicious, healthy food, while the restaurants we partner with receive bulk orders, in advance of lunch-time service, giving them additional revenue.