January 2016


Minneapolis, USA



Financially empowering the next generation


Sezzle is the leading U.S.-based “Shop Now, Pay Later” payment platform, helping merchants increase online sales and order values by enabling shoppers to buy now and pay later with interest-free installment plans.


Winning the Millennial demographic is critically important for retailers, yet 67% of Millennials today don’t own a credit card. Sezzle helps merchants convert their Millennial e-commerce customers, and in the process financially empower the next generation.


Why Sezzle?

Incremental sales, new customers: Sezzle converts ustomers that would have abandoned checkout and drives traffic to your store from our online store directory and social media channels.

Guaranteed Upfront Payment: Sezzle settles with merchants upfront, quickly and automatically. No complicated processes or lengthy wait times.

Zero Fraud or Credit Risk: Sezzle assumes all repayment risk on every transaction.


How it works, Sezzle’s payment technology enables higher conversion rates and larger basket sizes:

Checkout: Sezzle gathers customer info from existing processes to speed new users through a 1-minute sign-up.

Approvals: Others use FICO credit scores and only approve 20% of applicants. Sezzle’s 70% to 80% approval ratios lead to more sales.

Settlement: Sezzle settles up front with their merchants. Sezzle assumes all credit and fraud risk to allow sole focus on sales.

Shipment: Products can be shipped to customers immediately. Once approved, the payment is guaranteed.

Sezzle is great for businesses:

Sezzle helps businesses sell more. Shopper checkout is seamless, Sezzle assumes all fraud, chargeback, and repayment risk, and merchants are paid in full  upfront.


Sezzle is great for customers:

Sezzle is easy, fast and safe. Instalment plans with no interest allow customers to budget purchases over time. Customers only have to pay a portion of the purchase upfront, and the rest in instalments.