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Sensei is an AI-powered real-time video recognition solution for retail providing accurate in-store traffic flow analysis, product recognition, sales performance and optimized operations by leveraging streams from any installed camera. Combining this data with retailer business data, Sensei uses artificial intelligence technology to gather, analyse, and match online and offline data about the retailers customers and its own products.

Capture: get a 360-degree view of the business. Track all store activities and customer patterns in real time.

Analyse: Sensei transforms store data into metrics that enable employees to understand customer experience

Act: Use Sensei’s actionable insights in real time to optimize store operations and drive sales conversion.


90% of shopping still happens offline and yet, unlike online retailers, offline retailers do not have insights on what is happening in their stores. This can cause over/understaffing, stocking the wrong inventory and missing sales opportunities due to out-of-shelf, incorrect pricing and product placement.


Sensei offers:

State of the art AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision technology. Sensei’s powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made readily accessible to empower retailers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent stores.

Sensei dashboard: The Sensei platform harnesses in-store data to make better, more informed decisions with data mining and predictive analysis delivered through a fully integrated BI (business intelligence) platform. Access all relevant data about the store, products, staff,  and customers in a web-based dashboard from any place, anywhere.

Fast deployment: Allowing seamless integration into existing retail systems and leveraging pre-installed hardware.

Omni-channel: Sensei builds a bridge between the emotions of the physical shopping experience and  the efficiency of the digital stores.

360 degree overview: Sensei enables retailers and store managers to access all business and store data in a single web-based platform

Advanced Analytics: Sensei correlates in-store data with POS data and transforms it into viable summaries to make sure your team discovers every possibility to improve store operations.

Accurate insights: Insights to optimize retail space layout, staff allocation, product assortment, shelf replenishment and the placement of promotional products.

Stores Benchmark: Sensei gives stores a true understanding of their customer patterns, trends, and in-store interactions across the retail chain.