Sensefinity offers a proprietary end-to-end solution to digitize sensors and connect them to the cloud. From monitoring temperature to location tracking, Sensefinity offers sensors and software that manage logistics and security of any asset. The start-up helps their customers integrate all of their assets into their IT systems to gain insights and allow the optimisation of their business.

Sensefinity was founded 2015 near Lisbon, Portugal.


The start-up idea first came to light when a demand for tracking goods could only be met at high price, the founders were convinced they could meet the demand, and at a lower price.

The logistics industry is constantly under pressure to innovate and add value to beat new entrants and increase margin for customers. Meanwhile, manufacturing and retail is heavily regulated in consumer safety, environmental protection and resource conservation.


Sensefinity offers full-stack and modular solutions to help their customers succeed in the IoT transformation, from hardware to web & mobile applications. At each level, sensefinity developed cutting edge technology.

A little bit about the different levels of technology Sensefinity uses…:

The disruptive hardware: Sensoroid

The start-up designs and produces its own unique, and patented hardware. The main innovation consists in the fact that Sensefinity does not use simple sensors like many other IoT companies do, but Sensoroids. Sensoroids, are a revolutionary technology combining the capabilities of a sensor with the ones of a smart beacon, able to send but also to receive information.

The secured cloud and blockchain: All the data collected by the sensoroids are safely stored in the cloud, which only the customer has access to. The cloud can also be integrated into the customer cloud if necessary. Sensefinity provides an API and web services to build an independent analytics centre for the data.

The tailor made web and mobile applications: Sensefinity develops web and mobile applications tailor-made to their customers needs. They monitor and analyse the customer data and provide a constant real-time access to them. The solution sends notifications and alerts instantly via mobile in case of problems. The applications are also integrated via Salesforce.

  • Remotely programmable proprietary modular IoT device
  • Pre-integrated solution as a direct API
  • Real-time tracking of assets through the cloud and proprietary network