Tallinn, Estonia




ROOMATIC provides Real-time Feedback to hotels helping them to avoid negative guest reviews thus improving their overall online reputation.

Hoteliers work hard to manage multiple departments and concerns all around the clock. From reservations to check­-ins, housekeeping, revenue management and the well­ being of guests, it is sometimes hard to ensure a property is performing at peak service levels. Maintaining a consistent focus on smooth hotel operations is however critical for a positive online reputation on portals like TripAdvisor and Booking.com.

This is where Roomatic comes in. Our guest engagement platform collects instant feedback during the stay and therefore enables hotels to make up for bad experiences before check-out.

With increased guest satisfaction – due to the operational changes that have been implemented based on Roomatic guest intelligence data – hotels will receive fewer negative reviews – and in many cases, an increase in positive reviews resulting in more bookings and higher rates (ADR).

Roomatic can be rolled out within a matter of hours to any type of property for a fraction of the cost charged by other vendors.

Guests can easily connect to Romantic after connecting to the hotel WiFi. The service is purely web based and runs in the browser of smartphones, tablets, or laptops – no app installation required. Roomatic supports all devices and manufacturers.

No individual software development is needed, no hardware is required for guest rooms, nor are there any setup fees, this solution is 100% cloud based. It is flexible, transparent and incredibly easy to use.

From using Roomatic the hotel benefits on higher review scores, more bookings and more revenue. Roomatic provides instant feedback which lets duty managers to respond while the guest is still on premise, this improves overall guest satisfaction resulting in more positive reviews on TripAdvisor, Booking.com and other portals. Furthermore, studies confirm that higher average review scores impact web bookings and rates (ADR) substantially.

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