Seoul, South Korea,



Roborus sets out to enhance the customer experience and lifts the burden off of overworked staff.

Franchise restaurants experience ahighturnover rates for staff, yieldingsignificant costs that eat into their already slim profit margins. Also, currentPOS (Point of Sale) systems have a limited ability to take advantage of the data that is collected in everyday transactions. They are not equipped to complete certain tasks, so take a long time and require repetitive actions by cashiers which can lead to unmotivated staff.

Roborus’ solution, remembers data, therefore is able to enhance the customer experience and diminishes the need for repetitive tasks. Their AI-based kiosks employs facial recognition and automatically identifies customers. Their machine learning system provides guests with personalized services and is able to recommend specific menu items based on customer profiles. The platform improves the franchises’ understanding of their customers by gathering and analyzing key data such as; number of visits, consumption patterns, and average spending. Businesses can use this data for actionable insights on how to enhance their marketing activities and increase sales.

DH Kim (co-founder and CEO) had worked for several global IT companies such as Pentech, Nokia and Foxconn. Co-founder, Jeong Kim had worked for multiple research institutions in the US, South Korea and Finland. The two met 5 years ago and have built a strong partnership since then. Both wanting to contribute to a better world through high-tech that is still high touch.
The mission together became developing AI robots to enhance human relationships.