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“We bring real-time data from your end-to-end chain directly into your business systems”

Resonance is laying the infrastructure for a digitally connected economy.

Resonance is transforming the world’s supply chains from farm, to consumer, using technologies they already have – smartphones – coupled with our distributed ledger technology. This has the potential to deliver a 10% saving on the ex-factory coupled with 16% benefits for the rest of the supply chain.

Our target customers are those businesses suffering from poor coordination across their supply chain, and who are left behind with technologies from the last century to manage this century’s economy.


Global supply chains suffer from €10 tn of preventable losses per year caused by the problems that Resonance is solving. Getting timely, accurate and complete data from an end-to-end value chain is a huge challenge with modern dynamic sourcing. 30%+ of product data in product catalogs is incorrect. Eliminate repeated phone calls, expensive EDI integration and error-prone spreadsheets with Resonance. Resonance gives customers live product data from the end-to-end chain straight into their business systems, reducing cost of errors and allowing to sell more faster.

The solution:

To solve this problem you have to align the incentives of the businesses in supply chains towards the accurate collection and sharing of data. Resonance has uncovered that the majority of these businesses have the same underlying motivation: the accurate pricing and planning of work.

Benefits for retailers:

Always up-to-date: Our integrations bring customers live data directly into their PIM, ERP, or other systems.

Data comes direct from the source: Get data directly from the businesses that generate it. Eliminate the delays and errors caused by manual re-entry, and align the interests of everyone around data accuracy.

Complete and connected: 74% of supply chain businesses use nothing more than a spreadsheet to run their operations. Our platform makes it easy for tailored apps to be deployed across the chain for more complete data.

Benefits for manufacturers:

Customer questions without hassle: Spend less time finding out who knows the answer to a customer’s question. Give retailers the data they need to sell products with speed and accuracy.

Confidence in the data: Achieve product data traceability across the physical supply chain. Know the provenance of each claim, and build trust between you and consumers.

Bridge business unit silos: Master the internal supply chain and connect the IT estate, increasing  agility and reducing the time needed to make critical decisions.