November 2015


London, Great Britain




Hotel Reputation Management on one tool.

Reputize helps hotels capture in-stay customer reviews, so that managers can react to guest feedback in real time.

Problem: With an increasing number of feedback sites and channels where customers communicate on their experiences; businesses start to find it harder to manage and engage with the feedback. Especially when it comes to negative feedback, this tool keeps the feedback from spreading and alerts the business directly.

Reputation marketing boost online rankings: Push reviews to TripAdvisor, Holidaycheck etc., engage clients on social media, boost direct bookings, publish reviews on your website. Influence your online rankings by pushing reviews to Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck. Increase buyer conversion rate, social media sharing and SEO with Reputize’ website widgets

Online review analytics, get a 360 degree view on guest experience: monitor online reviews and social media, monitor and benchmark your competition, receive alerts and respond to reviews. Understand and improve guest experience. Reputize aggregates online reviews from more than 100 OTA’s and social media mentions into a single business intelligence platform. Monitor and benchmark your competition with the closest competitors via an advanced semantic analysis and the Reputize index. Grow revenue; get alerted in real-time and act instantly when a client is at risk. Reply to online reviews and engage in social media conversations. Improve online reputation by acting proactively and increase direct bookings.

Multichannel feedback, onsite & post-experience surveys: boost guest feedback over 500%, get instant actionable insights, prevent negative reviews to spread online, integrate with the PMS. Capture feedback at the point of experience via touch terminals and QR-codes, or post-stay – by e-mail and web surveys. Get instant alerts, show you really care and prevent negative reviews spread.

As well as increasing a hotel’s customer satisfaction rate, in-stay guest feedback can be published on major review portals. These reviews contribute to higher online visibility and rankings for the hotel, ensuring more recurring direct bookings.