Madrid, Spain




PickaDeli gives people who work in an office the opportunity to always have lunch at their favourite restaurant, regardless how much time they have, and regardless whether it is rush hour.

The platform offers users take away meals from over 200 options that are less than 5 minutes walking distance from their office space. These meals are healthy, balanced choices at a fraction of the restaurant sit-in price, therefore promoting a healthy lifestyle and added optionality at lunchtime.

Once ordered, customers come to pick up their meal from the restaurant and then return to their office, with the freshly prepared meal, without having waited in any line.

PickaDeli offers meals at 5 EUR or less. The goal is to be able to offer customers a fast, easy, and convenient way to eat well everyday from Monday to Sunday.

PickaDeli members have the opportunity to reserve food at any of the participating restaurants. Each restaurant offers one or more dishes (their choice) prepared on the spot and with the best ingredients. PickaDeli has three types of pricing structures and requires no commitment of any kind.

Not only is the solution great for the office workers, but it also create an extra revenue stream for the restaurateur. The added channel for selling their product means better economies of scale and ordering in bulk creating better efficiencies.

The founders met years ago working in internet companies focussed on the restaurant sector – throughout that time they discovered the problem of slow service during rush hour, especially when workload in the office was high.

Their question was: why pay the same price for going to a restaurant and eating there (occupying a table, using the services of the waiter, using cutlery, etc.) and getting delivery? Shouldn’t there be a fair solution?

Because of these experiences the duo founded PickaDeli.co:

No queues

No obligations

No extras

The right price.