September 2015


New York, USA



“The future of feedback.” Real-time market research for the mobile generation

Perksy is a next-gen consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through an immersive and gamified mobile app where users are rewarded for answering brand questions.

The power of mobile: What makes Perksy truly unique is that they are mobile first. Their approach to survey design and delivery puts the experience above all – because a better, more immersive experience leads to better data.

Mobile gives Perksy the ability to be in the hands of everyone (universal access), not just professional panelists and survey takers. With Perksy, your answers come from real, everyday consumers who are incentivized with exclusive rewards from our Perkstore.

Perksy’s DIY intelligence platform puts the power of an entire research firm at any company’s fingertips whenever, wherever. With next-gen targeting capabilities, Perksy gives its customers the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Perksy in three steps:

    1. Create immersive questions: Choose from 10 question types, add rich content and stylise the design. Then set detailed response options with conditional logic.
    1. Select your audience: Perksy’s technology analyses thousands of data points across multiple channels, so users can reach precise audiences. It is possible to filter by 35+ demographics, behaviours, location, and social data.
    1. Get real-time results: With Perksy it is possible to analyse results as they come in, it is also possible to explore audience breakdowns for each question, using Perksy’s interactive analytics and data visualisation tools. Users can also export raw data for deeper analysis.