Oriient provides the first GPS-like service to function indoors.

The mission: is to make the physical world searchable. With unique technology, Oriient is building the first truly scalable indoor GPS. Location awareness, as a service.

Using Earth’s magnetic field Oriient provides hyper-accurate Indoor Positioning as a Service in any building, anywhere, anytime.

The solution offers hyper accurate indoor location awareness without the hassle. Nothing needs to be installed or maintained – it is like using GPS, a service you simply use.

Whether operating in a small mall, megastore, hospital, university or an office building, visitors and staff expect the place to be convenient, accessible and friendly. This is the environment  they are given online and therefore also expect offline; Oriient helps its customers to achieve that without any hardware installation or maintenance.

The solution is a carefully built plug-in for app developers, and is priced on a monthly licensing model. It pinpoints indoor positions using the information drawn from the Earth’s magnetic field and from sensors that already exist inside every smartphone.


Indoor GPS has been attempted by many different players and has failed almost everytime, due to high costs and low accuracy, making it hard to scale.  For widespread adoption of location-awareness use-cases, the retail and smart building verticals need a solution that requires no installation and low-cost maintenance,  and that really works in accuracy and efficiency.


Many malls, for example, already offer visitors free dedicated apps that enable them to do a store or a product search. Adding Oriient to that app will provide an accurate indoor positioning service to guide the shopper directly to the store and even the shelf. The same could be done in any large building.

Indoor Positioning as a Service:

  • Zero infrastructure
  • Truly Scalable
  • Hyper-Accurate (1 meter accuracy)
  • Analytics platform; traffic analytics