Munich, Germany




Ordercube is a multifunctional tool in that it works as a candle alternative, it calls the service staff, it shows when a table is reserved, and it collects data to analyse performance. Four services in one cube.

By using Ordercube restaurants have been able to increase their sales by +17%. The aesthetically pleasing, table-top light sends a signal to service when a table would like to order or pay, just by the flash of a light and a push notification, the feature decreases overall waiting time for service by -80%.

The core function of the tool (to call on waiters) takes one task away from the service staff and therefore gives them more time to focus on customer satisfaction and quality of service during peak times.

The cube also signifies when a table is reserved, this increases efficiency in table planning.

Beyond its core functionality, the Ordercube can be used to track data on waiting time and service quality, it shows this data on its platform; in the format of graphs making it clear and comprehensible. Ordercube generates actionable data, so to allow restaurateurs to optimise their service quickly and efficiently.

With the use of real-time data tracking and push notifications staff is immediately notified when a table has been waiting for too long, they are also notified as soon as customers hit the pay/service button. Service staff are continuously sent a table status update throughout the customer journey.

An extra feature of the cube is that it senses movement away from the table, this means that it detects when guests are attempting to leave the restaurant without paying – once detected, the cube notifies the restaurant staff, therefore limiting dine and dashers, and loss to the restaurant profits.

The cubes have an unlimited connection and reach, so set up is easy.