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NABL enables guests to share their experience with the world by leaving reviews on-site in just a few seconds.

NABL has improved the online rating of restaurants in the space of three months. By using NABL, restaurants can expect 10x more positive reviews on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor, through NABL restaurateurs can provide a voice and a channel to the silent majority of happy customers. NABL opens up this channel by installing a quick and easy in-house review platform.

The start-up helps minimise a service providers bad reputation, and highlights their good reputation.

By leveraging one of the most important marketing tools available at the moment, NABL’s mission is to support clients on a daily basis and enhance their customer reviews.

Guests are more prone to handing out a negative review when unsatisfied, therefore any given company can very easily receive 10 negative reviews, that remain visible online forever, harming the business for years, unfortunately customers with good feedback are much less likely to write a good review. This is the problem NABL wants to solve with the help of their solution.

That is why NABL makes it their goal to catch angry customers as soon as possible, while still in store.

NABL wants to give a voice to all happy customers, which represent the vast majority, but are currently deafeningly silent.

NABL’s solution, collects feedback, asks personalised questions, shows data in real-time, and gives clients the opportunity to respond to angry customers immediately. Additionally the tool is linked with TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp, so to create a seamless platform where the customers can see all their feedback in one place. Via the tool, customers can send unlimited emails and texts to their guests. It takes 5 minutes to set up, then it runs autonomously, giving clients one less thing to worry about.

NABL comes with a hardware solution set up in store, that creates a simple way for customers to give feedback.