Witten, Germany




Lunchio GmbH, started in Ruhrgebiet and now is headquartered in Berlin, was founded by two students while studying at university with the purpose to “digitize benefits” as founder, Dennis Ortmann describes it.

Instead of obtaining meal vouchers, employees are able to send their receipts for their meals directly to Lunchio; either via E-Mail or Whatsapp. Lunchio then processes the receipts, and sends the employer a detailed report at the end of each month. Based on this, employers are able to give their employees a bonus without receiving taxes, and employers get around 80 EUR in return. The idea behind the start-up was to optimize Lunchtime; they had started with an online reservation service, it was only later that they came up the “digital meal voucher” concept.

Their initiative guarantees 100% tax deductible lunches.  The start-up provides digital employer grants, to drive smart employer branding.

Lunchio’s promise is to digitally manage tax-exempt employee budgets in the form of handing out food stamps (digital meal vouchers), Lunchio’s smartphone concept makes the action possible at anytime.

Through this solution, Lunchio does not only help companies with important employer branding, employee motivation and effective wage optimization, but also achieve the added benefit of complying with an industry-unique, individual document verification. 

Since the foundation of the company in the Ruhrgebiet, 2015 and the move to Berlin we are continuing to grow steadily.  Our team consists of 20 employees in sales, product, operations, development, business development and HR. From our headquarters in Berlin and second headquarters near Ulm, we care for our customers with a great focus on customer service, additionally we make it our mission to ensure smart employee branding.

Via a growing network of partner companies, fee optimisers, and tax consultants located throughout Germany, we ensure the successful use of our products.

Lunchio is recognised for its pay and pre-order scheme, order your lunch ahead of time from anywhere.

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