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The world’s most advanced ultrasonic data platform

LISNR is the world’s leading data-over-audio platform, and is the new standard for frictionless microcommunications between devices using sound. LISNR’s proprietary technology is being used to connect the customer journey and power transactions around the globe. The company was founded in 2012 and has raised more than $40M in venture capital led by Visa, Intel Capital and Synchrony Financial; grown offices on the east and west coast and supports a growing list of customers including Visa, Macy’s, Ticketmaster, Jaguar Land Rover, Visa, Lenovo, CapGemini and many more.

LISNR’s technology acts as a secure local proxy for data transmission. LISNR’s technology removes the need for complex, expensive, power-consuming wireless technologies.

LISNR® is the creator of a proprietary near-ultrasonic protocol that sends data-over-audio. Originally coined Smart Tones™ in 2012, our audio technology has evolved into the KAB® (Kilo Audio Bit). LISNR®’s protocol sends data-over-audio across bandwidths (14.5 kHz-19.2 kHz) that are audible or inaudible, depending on use case and distribution method, to ensure optimal performance.

Each tone has three parts:

  1. The preamble: The tone preamble announces the presence of a tone to begin SDK demodulation
  2. The header: The header contains metadata about payload and security logic.
  3. The payload: the payload is the actual data-containing portion of the tone

Performance optimisation: LISNR created multiple tone types and profiles, optimized for varying payload and environment characteristics of the use case. All tone profiles and types are compatible with a single SDK.

To list a few profiles:

  1. Standard profile
  2. Compression profile
  3. Precision KAB profile
  4. ID tones