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KptnCook takes the hassle out of cooking and inspires thousands of food lovers to start making healthier eating habits. KptnCook creates a better shopping and cooking experience for its users at the same time as creating more attention to local super markets.

KptnCook is a free app that inspires people to cook at home

The team has a passion for food and technology, their goals was to make deciding what to cook, easy, fun and stress-free. Today KptnCook partners with food bloggers around the world to bring busy people delicious recipes every day. Each recipe features for 24 hours and all the ingredients can be picked up in local grocery stores.

Quick and easy recipes for everyone – Every day KptnCook provides three 30-minute recipes from food bloggers, and KptnCook editor. Regardless whether the user likes vegan, vegetarian, meat or fish; there is something for everyone. Save the loved ones in the favourite list. Users who want to know more about the dish will be happy to find that every recipe comes with information on its nutrition values.

Users do not have to search for a supermarket to find the ingredients: KptnCook provides a compass and shows users the closest nearby store. KptnCook provides ingredient information from: Alnatura, Biocompany, Combi, denn’s, Edeka, real,-, Rewe and tegut. Get the shopping list, including the prices and budget of choice.

Step-by-step cooking: Users are guided through the cooking. Through the photos on the app, the process is easy to follow for even the most unexperienced.


The abundance of recipe catalogs, restaurants, and food delivery services has created a complex decision-making process for busy individuals who spontaneously decide to cook a healthy dinner.


KptnCook provides food lovers with:

  • Personally curated recipe recommendations unique each day
  • A smooth shopping experience using product information (brands & prices)
  • A successful cooking experience made easy with detailed step-by-step images