Zurich, Switzerland




The founders of KITRO, graduated Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in 2016, their experience in hospitality made them passionate about the kilos of tons of food that go to waste on any given night. As such they had the idea for KITRO;

KITRO provides an effortless effective food waste management solution for professional kitchens, ranging from  hotels, to restaurants, to catering services and beyond. Combining both its hardware and software components, we are able to automatically identify and categorize organic food waste material thrown away in KITRO enabled waste containers. Management are then able to see the average waste levels over time, and take data-backed decisions to result in greener kitchens and more sustainable environments.

Every day, millions of tons of food are thrown away. Two thirds of all this wasted food is edible. This avoidable food waste along the entire supply chain has detrimental impacts on the environment, and reducing it would prevent unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change.

With first-hand experience in the hospitality industry and computer science, KITRO is committed to bringing an innovative solution to food waste, integrating technology into kitchen operations of canteens and restaurants, and giving actionable insights to the issue that is food waste. Thanks to KITRO customers, can, for the first time increase profit margins while reducing avoidable waste through smarter allocation of costs and the identification of what their main sources of waste are.

With relevant, easily-read weekly reports, customers are empowered to make better, informed decisions and optimise their work practices so to bring a reduction of food waste and food cost – thus resulting in a positive environmental impact.

KITRO wants to change the way that food waste is handled, to bring better value to food and its many uses, our goal is to appreciate food, not waste it.