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Food & travel experts that recommend only the best handpicked sights, restaurants, and activities.

First the customer shares their travel preferences by filling out a 2 minute questionnaire on how they like to travel, what they like- this is then used to plan a trip tailored exactly to what the travellers want to do, see and eat.

To make it convenient: it all happens online, customers can email and chat with their travel designer, check out draft itineraries, share what they like and don’t. Journy customises everything to their customer’s vision.

Once the customer is happy with their itinerary the designer handles all the bookings and restaurant reservations – the finally itinerary is then delivered via the Journy phone app or PDF – so it is all in one place and accessible at any time.

Journy offers a service that comes without any hidden fees; this means only one daily flat fee is issued for the two options: full-service travel planning or the option without booking or reserving at a lower cost. The recommendations given by Journy are non-biased, they do not get a markup or any kickbacks on activities or restaurants they book with, that means they are completely free to send guests that completely accommodate to their preferences. Unlike many other travel agencies, the customer has the option to decide whether they want to include the hotel booking in the itinerary or not. 

Having staffed travel experts with experience that include: food bloggers, food reviewers, culinary directors, and sommeliers there is no doubt Journy can deliver a quintessentially unique travel experience. 

Choosing Journy as a travel planner means; cutting the complication of planning logistics, saving time (up to 30 hours or more) and it means that customers no longer have to rely on the unreliable travel reviews found online.

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