Januar 2015


Tel Aviv, Israel




“Rockstar marketing for your business”

Jagger is a conversational marketing automation tool for e-commerce shops. Jagger runs effective marketing campaigns ensuring that users get the most out of their marketing budget.

Based on the analysis of the business’s e-com store and facebook page, Jagger automatically suggests marketing campaigns to shop owners that are targeted to the right audience, optimized for the right time and with engaging content.

Problem: It is easy to use up marketing budget for online marketing activities without gauging many wins. The digital age means understanding which channels potential customers may use, what content speaks to them, and catching opportune moments based on external conditions  – Jagger supports all of this.

Managers just need to answer few questions via chat and Jagger does the rest!

Jagger helps businesses market their shops in a professional manner; Jagger builds, runs and optimises online campaigns.

Everything easily executed via facebook messenger; no complicated setting pages. Jagger sends his marketing suggestions to the Facebook messenger app making it super easy for the user.

Never miss out on marketing opportunities again: Users can make sure that they are running campaigns in effective timings: holidays, weekends, local events, weather changes and more.

Reach the right audience: There is no use marketing to the wrong people (the people adamantly not interested in your product). Make sure the marketing budget is effectively invested on reaching the relevant potential customers and approaching them via the most effective channel.

Use customers emails and phone numbers to target them on facebook. Jagger focusses on targeting people on facebook who are likely to become customers. Use emails and text messages to approach customers when its more effective.

The simplicity of Jagger’s conversational UI, along with its AI-based personalization, enables e-commerce shop owners to run effective online marketing campaigns easily, without the need of prior marketing knowledge or a large time commitment.