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Impala instantly connects apps with hotel PMS systems. Through their solution, developers can securely read and write guest data using a powerful, well-documented, JSON API, making integration painless.

Impala is Rapid; users can connect to the testing environment in a few clicks and connect to a hotel in just a few more, Modern; Impala’s SDKs are open source and easy to use and the documentation is comprehensive, Secure; Impala uses bank grade security, is fully GDPR compliant and uses geographically diverse hosting. All this to ensure a safe and efficient place to connect apps with the PMS systems.

Impala’s goal is to be the only integration that developers and hotels alike will ever need to streamline their tools and secure data across platforms.

The solution connects to multiple property management systems (PMS) so that developers don’t have to. The current rate of connection is two per month.

The Impala API is organised around REST. The API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. It uses built-in HTTP features, like HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs, which are understood by off-the-shelf HTTP clients.

Modern technology needs complete data and thats why Impala provides, seamlessly and in both directions. Whether the app needs guest data, to write a new transaction, or receive an update when a rate has changed, the Impala API provides a full range of  data.

The way in which the hotel industry operates today, is largely fragmented due to solutions from different service providers, working separately without restricting integration. This means, that hotel systems cannot operate seamlessly, pulling data from PMS system is virtually impossible therefore hotel managers oversee operations via various tools.

Impala was founded to solve the problem of a fragmented operations and  PMS, it integrates those tools that need to be connected to the hotel PMS.