May 2015


Ottawa, Canada




“Find work that fits your schedule. Great events need great people, find and work amazing shifts in your community.”

hyre is an online marketplace that is revolutionizing the event staffing industry by connecting event organizers with high quality event staff.

The problem: finding event staff on short notice used to rely on contacts and recommendations. Because, finding event staff is so intangible quality of service could not always be guaranteed. On the other side, quality event staff do not have many options on how to find extra work – hyre solves these problems for both sides.

Users have the option to choose the wage at which they want to work for. They know the value of their work. Unlike staffing agencies, hyre gives users the freedom to pick what they want to make.

The option to work when they want; the hyre app gives users the freedom to choose which shifts suite their schedule

The option to work where they want; hyre also provides the functionality that allows users to choose to work where they want (where is most convenient for them)

No setup is required to use hyre. Heres how to use it:

  1. Create an account
  2. Verify Experience: Once the account is created the user just needs to verify their experience via an easy-to-use process.
  3. Accept shifts: The app lets you pick any shift you want at anytime and at any location. The function of the shift browser makes it easy.
  4. Enjoy: Reap the benefits of hyre’s easy to use and convenient system as well as resolving any staffing issues.

Event staff get to choose their own wage, find works that suits them and get ratings and feedback based on their performance.

Organizers are given complete and total control over price and quality of staff through the platform’s unique performance rating system. For event staff, hyre is the most convenient way to book shifts, allowing them to have flexibility and control over their schedule. The platform’s rating system rewards great performance with higher earning potential.