Berlin, Germany



Hotelhero is the only hotel technology research platform specialised for the independent hotel market.

Hotelhero’s customers, independent hotels, search for the right solutions to help them build efficiencies and meet constantly changing demands of guests and staff, they do this to stay competitive, in the face of larger hotel groups and other hotels in their market who are already doing so. The shift from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions has led to a significant change in the industry. The hotel tech market is increasingly more complex and fast paced. The extensive offers available and the varying unique characteristics dependent on hotel types, makes distinguishing the most fitting solution even more of a task. Hoteliers do not have the time nor the resources to allow them to track every solution, so risk missing out on tools that could truly help their business.

Hotelhero is a hotel tech marketplace that guides independent hotels and small chains to find the right SaaS tools and systems that fit their business needs.The marketplace is set out to help hoteliers master the challenge of digitalisation and make sense of the complex technology space. The platform helps to identify, compare and select the right innovative hotel software for the user. By collecting the hotel’s data, the solution personalises the search based on individual hotel needs.

All 3 co-founders have a strong background in hotels and restaurants, they attended university together and have known each other 5+ years. During one of the founders’ internships at a hotel, he identified the pain point of the complex and time consuming IT selection process, which most often results in a poor outcome. One of the founders has experience in coding, and coded the Hotelhero platform within a few months.