November 2013


Berlin, Germany




“Sharing Simplified”

Hoard is the most convenient delivery and return option for e-commerce. In a radically new approach Hoard distributes parcels via local stores in the city: From Hoard partner stores customers can request the delivery of their parcel by bike courier whenever they want. Hoard helps vacation rental hosts to find a welcoming reception desk where guests can pick-up and deposit the keys to their rented flat.

Problem: Since many years the options on handing over a key have been limited to either hiding it somewhere (under the mat) or finding a time and a place that suit both parties to make the handover. The first option can be risky and leave the home unsafe to unwanted guests, the second option requires a lot of planning before hand. Hoardspot solves this problem by keeping the key secure and readily available for hand over at any time.

How it works: Download the app, Book a spot in any partner locations via the hoard app, drop off the key there, the guest can pick up the key via a shared code.

Hoard is the safest place to store keys; staff is trained to only hand out key with the right shared code, handovers are registered through a radio key fob, storage is secured; keys are stored anonymously in a locked key box.

Hoard creates a “win-win” situation for hosts and the local stores we partner with, a concept which has been proven with an Airbnb partnership, several hundred partner stores and thousands of hosts in more than 16 cities across Europe.

But this is just the beginning, Hoard is currently running a pilot with a large European e-commerce company to store parcels (with a potential of 55 million parcels per year) and deliver them on demand to online shoppers within 20 minutes.

With its network in over 20 European cities Hoard has been solving the logistics of key exchanges for Airbnb since 2015. From this summer on Hoard has been appointed official logistics partner of Europe’s leading online fashion platform Zalando.