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GroupRaise helps restaurants host large groups of customers, typically 20-200+, in exchange for donating a % of sales to a charitable cause.

It is a simple online system for restaurants to engage local organisations in a 3-5 mile radius through in-restaurant fundraisers.

Using GroupRaise is a profitable customer acquisition strategy that builds the customer brand, increases sales, and shows the community that they care.

Per 100 guests that go to a GroupRaise meal: 41 are new visitors, 52 spend more than average, 95 say they will return for more.

All restaurants have to do is; create an account, add their locations, create a fundraising policy, then they receive event requests from local organisations, as well as guests showing up in groups. Afterwhich the restaurant will have to give a % of its sales to a charitable cause.

GroupRaise allows the functionality for restaurants let their guests create fundraisers via their branded web portal. The tool has a community dashboard, that helps to track event sales performance & respond to community group requests in just a few clicks.

All events are well promoted, as GroupRaise gives all groups online marketing tools to promote their events, and must reach RSVP goals.

GroupRaise is very simple to use & integrate, responding quickly to requests and measures online sales. GroupRaise opens up the possibility to create more same store sales; with charitably minded customers who want to spend more to give more back. Groups can connect online via GroupRaise, creating the opportunity to reach local groups digitally when they are deciding where to fundraise.

For guests the process is easy all they need to do is; choose a group: school club, nonprofit, or choose one of the causes GroupRaise already supports. Then they need to find out how much money is needed to raise the right amount. Select a date, pick a location (restaurant) and promote the event together with the restaurant.

GroupRaise now has over 6,000 restaurants onboard


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