Milan, Italy



Consumers increasingly look for natural, fresh, customised and safe ingredients when it comes to eating out. According to Technomic which provides food service clients with research, insights and strategic consulting, almost 50% of consumers say they’d pay more for Food and Beverage (F&B) items that are fresh and almost 40% would do the same for premium F&B items, as an all natural condiment. Olive oil falls under these statistics.
Also, a growing competition in the restaurant industry means restaurateurs look for new ways to differentiate their business, and the experience they offer from others.

Fresco’s technology allows any restaurant anywhere, during anytime of year produce fresh olive oil, 100% natural and customised to taste. EVA is a small appliance that contains the latest technologies typical to industrial plants. EVA gives its users fresh oil, rich in organoleptic and nutritional values which a standard oil typically loses over time. The machine also produces a bi-product, olive cream, a superfood that can be incorporated in the restaurant menu. Fresco changes the way restaurants produce oil, their applianceEVA creates a unique experience with a certifiably fresh healthier product

Antonio Pagliaro (CEO) was born in an olive grower family. He was inspired to study chemical and engineering aspects of olive oil with the goal to make the best condiment ever. He met his co-founders 2 years ago through collaborations with the University of Calabria and CREA OFA. The team has individual expertise and certification including; inventing 3 patents,  certification in extra virgin olive oil tasting, founding Tech4Sea which is a start-up that develops under water technologies, and creating the first cryogenic deep freeze olive paste line.