Frag Paul

Frag Paul


January 2015


Cologne, Germany




Paul is the digital personal HR assistant for small restaurants. Staff management online, easy to use, practical, available everywhere.

Paul helps restaurant-owners save time and money and enables them to focus on their core task: taking care of their customers. His abilities currently include: employee management, interactive shift management, absence and holiday management and payroll accounting, as well as time tracking.

The problem: The way in which businesses tracks their staff, organises shift schedules and more has become outdated in the digital age. Planning work schedules and accounting for salaries is often done completely with tons of different papers ,files or excel spreadsheets – Frag Paul lets business owners forget about all that and find an easy way to managing their staff.

Why Frag Paul? Frag Paul was developed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Frag Paul knows where the pain points lie and understand how to make the working day easier. The solution is not a personal assistant for everything – but a personnel personal assistant for the business owner. The solution comes with expertise, security and full on engagement.


Staff administration: All employee data can be stored and viewed centrally in the digital personnel files

Time recording online: No time sheets or calculations necessary, with Frag Paul working times can be recorded quickly and reliably.

Shift planning made easy: Create shift plans online and benefit from the automatic and practical Frag Paul functions.

Absence and online Vacation planner: Manage the vacations and absences of your employees centrally and all in one place.

Wage evaluations and project accounting: Keep an eye on personnel and project costs at all times. Only those who keep an eye on costs can make a well-founded decisions.

Fully automated payroll: With one click complete all data for the payroll accounting or let Frag Paul execute it directly and turn on the full automation mode.

Long story short: there is only one answer to every question, task or problem regarding HR-Management – AskPaul!