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An android workflow management system with focus on HACCP reporting for the HoReCa and franchising businesses.

In 2015 the founders Daniel Vollmer, Gabriel Schlatter, and Parshin Mortazi came up with the idea to find a way in which it was possible to conduct paperless quality management.

Both GIG GmbH and High Tech Gründerfonds II invested in the business idea with the purpose to simplify processes in the hospitality industry and food trade. Since the investment, the flowtify team expanded to 1o employees with national and international clients.

The tool offers features to create a customisable checklist, where users are also able to convert documents in to intelligent checklists. With the provision 180+ task templates, customers can create their own documentation. The automated check lists help customers save time.

Flowtify also offers individual role assignment and management, for example customer can specifically assign tasks to roles such as the; regional manager, district manager, store manager, and employees in different branches. It is even possible to add third party service providers such as: private hygiene inspectors, cleaning companies and more. All this can be included in the role management function.

Another issue the tool tackles is evaluation and documentation: it allows customers to create different types of reports for different types of evaluations. The function allows the generation of any report for any period of time, where it is possible to filter the reports by labels and sections. Additionally it offers the option to set up an automated sending feature so to never miss a reporting deadline. The data is kept in flowtify servers up to 5 years, and the reports can be generated on any device; mobile or desktop.

Running flowtify with the mobile app; in just 3 minutes employees can operate flowtify independently. flowtify leads employees step by step through tasks. Employees can teach themselves how to use the tool, via the help of readily prepared videos, photos and PDF support. It is possible to run several measurements, and re-measurements, additionally even non-HACCP tasks can be implemented in the flowtify tool such as:

weekly evacuation route controls and annual equipment maintenance checks.

Best of all, at the loss of an executive, flowtify can ensure a smooth knowledge transfer.

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