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Epinium Analytics uses customer reviews, competitor information and market trends with AI to give brands actionable insights to improve their products and marketing in real time.

Improve and optimize Amazon SEO: immediately see which product listings need improvement: titles, descriptions, bullet points, search terms, and images.

Bulk imports: Imagine having 1 product with 10 different colours and different sizes, editing them directly in an Amazon account means having to enter each product one by one with Epinium analytics edit all title, bullet points, search terms, and descriptions in once instant and upload them to Amazon directly from Epinium.

Remove Automatically duplicated keywords: there no reward for repeating keywords in Search Terms, that already exist in the title or bullet points, therefore it is important to optimize the keywords added because Amazon only indexes 250 characters. Epinium Analytics add all the keywords from the keywords section and removes the duplicated ones.

Automatic HTML translation: Write regularly in the HTML section and Epinium analytics will upload these descriptions in HTML to the corresponding Amazon accounts, giving the advantage of bolds, italics, and bullet points – customers do not need to understand HTML for this, Epinium makes it that easy.

Traditional market research takes up to seven weeks to deliver, uses biased samples and costs thousands of euros. The delay and limited inputs put brands out of touch with what is really happening in their market and with their products.

Epinium offers brands a unique analytics dashboard enabling actionable insights for their business:

  • Aggregated real customer experience data and product pricing from global e-commerce sites
  • An AI-powered list of action items addressing problems, customers, trends and competition
  • Real time insights at 1/10 of the cost of traditional research and 3x faster time-to-market for new products

Benefits of well created page:

  • Better click through rate – shoppers are more likely to select the product from a group
  • Better conversion rate

Customers who have used Epinium have achieve on average:

  • +446% in sessions
  • +869% in conversion rates
  • +449% in revenues