July 2016


Göteborg, Sweden



The intelligent movement company

Part commercial enterprise, part revolutionary movement, Einride is bent on a complete transformation of the transportation industry.

By challenging conventional thinking, by utilising big data and cutting-edge technology, and by inspiring people to take responsibility for the planet and each other, Einride is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable.

A typical delivery truck emits xx carbon per year – with Einride this number is reduced to next to nothing.

With EINRIDE’s transportation vehicles, retailers can minimise C02 emissions by 90% and decreases operational costs by 60%

EINRIDE’s transportation vehicle (T-Pod)  is the first truck specifically designed for electric propulsion and autonomous driving. Sustainable, cost-effective and safe, it renders many conventional road transport solutions practically obsolete.

Capable of SAE level 4 self driving, the T-Pod has no driver’s cab, but can be remote-controlled by a human operator when appropriate. No driver, means a smaller vehicle, increased loading capacity, greater flexibility, increased safety, lower operating costs and optimised energy consumption, allowing the T-pod to run solely on batteries.

All electric, means zero-noise, zero-emission propulsion. Emitting no greenhouse gases or toxic nitrogen oxides, the T-Pod an environmentally and health friendly alternative to diesel powered trucks

Aware: equipped with cameras, radars and lidars (3D scanners), the T-Pod has 360-degree awareness of its surroundings. With no blindspots, no dead angles, and at no risk of dozing off, it is a vigilant cautious and predictable fellow road traveller.

The T-Pod is connected to an intelligent operating system, providing it with customer data, traffic data, etc., the T-pod identifies the most efficient route from A to B, adjusting its course real-time to avoid congestion, optimising battery use and delivery time.