Tel Aviv, Israel



Easyway‘s Eve (Easyway’s virtual assistant)is  a virtual concierge and assistant for travelers.

Till now most hotels are able to fully optimise potential revenue from rooms (their core product) begging the question, how else they can better optimise their offer to customers’ needs. On the flipside, travellers visiting a place, are lost when it comes to finding the best experiences that fit their interests and preferences

Eve automates customer interaction with the hotel via apps like messenger or whatsappand provides guests with customised recommendations based on AI learning to enhance their travel experience. While increasing customer satisfaction, this virtual concierge also helps hotels increase revenue from other sources and partnerships. Guests can send Eve a text in any language and the system understands it automatically. The solution offers answers to all frequently asked questions regarding the hotel (e.g. what’sthe WiFi password?), recommendations for activities customised to the guest as well as events around the city. In this way, Eve boosts in-house sales, optimises and personalises the customer experience. No integration is needed – Eve can be part of the hotel within minutes.

Roy Friedman (CEO) is a keen traveller and has always felt if he had a local to show him around to authentic places he would have had a better experience. Roy is a former Israel DefenseForces’ Special Reconnaissance Forces commander. Yaniv Holzer (COO) is also a former Special Forces commander, has a bachelors degree in Law and International Relations, and was part of the founding team that developed a future vehicle for the special forces. Asaf Ofer(CTO) was a programmer in the military intelligence corps, and was also working as an engineer.