Nice, France




Cuddl’Up supports restaurant owners in executing consistent excellence in their customer service, every day.

The innovative, adaptive ordering solution increases the  average cheque size by +28%. The solution is a real opportunity for forward-thinking restaurant owners who want to improve their customer experiences and boost their turnover.

1- The tool allows the end consumer to order their meal online before arriving at a restaurant, they can also decide whether the meal should be delivered, picked up by them  or consumed on-site. This gives guests the option to order their food, without having to be in the restaurant, therefore saving them time, especially during rush hour. With the easy to browse interface they can identify their preferences.

2- In the restaurant; Cuddl’Up provides a digital tool to allow customers to easily navigate and easier identify personalised menus and allergen free meals.

3- After leaving the restaurant; Guests have the opt-in/opt-out option of receiving promotional offers, and personalised information based on their previous visits. Guests can also exchange and communicate with other customers.

By offering more than just a unique digital ordering experience, restaurants increase the frequency in which customers visit. Restaurateurs improve loyalty thanks to personalised actions and the proposition of new services from home delivery to reservation, to food pick-up.

Because, waiters no longer have to take orders they can focus on giving customers an excellent experience, and on bringing in additional sales/upselling.

Additionally Cuddl’up has been developed to integrate with the restaurant cash register, and has the functionality of simplifying split payments. Cash collection and electronic payment is all managed within the same application.

Built-in tracking indicators show turn-over in real-time. The data collected from customers is directly accessible and builds customised promotional offers.

Benefits include; automated loyalty campaigns, cash management, collection of marketing data, order management, real-time menu presentation, and reservations.