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Coffee Cloud




Tartu, Estland




Coffee Cloud is a solution created for coffee producers, roasters and distributors to optimize their business.

The start-up was founded in 2010 by Miroslav Kovac, a coffee bar and electronics engineer. With the development of the solution, it has expanded and can now ensure even better quality and assurance.

The function of Coffee Cloud is that it gives you a direct overview of how your espresso machines are being used, ensuring and maintaining the quality of what you produce.

The solution is a plug and play device that monitors espresso production in real time. All data is stored in the cloud. By improving both quality and quantity of the way coffee is produced, Coffee Cloud can help businesses grow. It has been designed with coffee producers, roasters, and distributors in mind with the purpose to optimise their business, tracking the journey starting from delivery of the beans to the finished product that is poured in to the coffee cup.

Through this solution, distributors can; enable precise coffee counting preventing employees from underreporting revenues; they get better control on quality and more accurate diagnostics on machine repair, cleaning and usage; they achieve a more efficient process, better coffee distribution control, with electronic processing and controlling of the market; last and most convenient of all is because it is connected to the cloud it can be controlled remotely (on SMS and web) at any time.

According to statistics so far, distributors have been able to increase their revenues by 20% on average. Additionally, customers have saved a total of 50 million euros in 5 years.

Coffee Cloud helps suppliers to get a deeper understanding of how their espresso machines are being used; giving them the precise information to ensure quality and profitability, and the advantage to understanding how their coffee is being used.

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