January 2015


London, United Kingdom




Cheerfy is an in store, onsite customer engagement solution. Driving loyalty through personalised experiences in real life. Cheerfy is a wifi based CRM tool that is designed to help businesses recognise their customers when they enter the store so they are able to greet them like regular, valued customers. It also enables businesses to provide seamless in-store wifi connection to their clients and view real-time information about them, as well as stay in touch with them through personalised communications. The goal of cheerfy is to help businesses get closer to their customers through a more personalised service.

The problem:

Hundreds to thousands of visitors walk in and out of small businesses everyday – yet the store owner has no idea who they are, how many times they have been there, or what they like. Cheerfy helps track this information and create a stronger bond with guests.

The solution:

The purpose of Cheerfy is to boost a business’s knowledge of their customers and enable in-store personalised interactions that drive loyalty and revenues.

By integrating with a business’s existing Wi-Fi network and CRM/PoS, Cheerfy identifies customers as they walk into the store, enabling stores to automatically send personalised messages and notify employees of VIP customers’ so they can treat them to a more personalised experience.

The key advantages of Cheerfy are that there is no user application, no manual check-in and no additional hardware needed to set it up.

Cheerfy empowers brick and mortar businesses to delight customers with personalised, frictionless experiences. So that millions of people enjoy the beauty of online experiences in real life.

Cheerfy uses Wi-Fi to detect a customers presence, and creates 360º customer profiles, enabling businesses to engage customers through personalised messages. This is all done automatically, and in real time (without Apps!).

The tool has proven to be able to boost customer registrations by up to 10x; customer registrations mean that companies have access to a profile with valuable information such as contact details, demographics, preferences, loyalty and feedback history.

Cheerfy’s solution allows business owners to engage smarter with consumers via personalised messaging, and has helped drive the number of returning customers up by  +20%-100% .

This personalisation solution, has improved customer ratings for its users; Cheerfy generates more customer reviews, effectively turning 5%-15% of customers into mystery shoppers. Personalised, conversational surveys; inviting more answers and better insight.