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“The first cocktail machine capable of making 300 cocktails in just one click”

BlendBow makes perfect cocktails in seconds, at the push of a button and with little to no effort for anyone who may want to use it. It comes in two sizes; the “BlendBow infinite”creates up to 300 different types of cocktails and the “Blendbow one”  that makes mojitos.

After 3 years of R&D, BlendBow has designed the only cocktail machine capable of making up to 300 cocktails in a matter of seconds. The machines can make up to 150 cocktails at a time, before it needs to be reloaded.

Blendbow provides the smart cocktail machine that makes it easy for restaurants and bars to readily create quality consistent cocktails with little training and maintenance, all to increase overall profits through beverage sales.

The machine has a high tech touch-screen interface that lets the user select a cocktail in just two clicks.

100 personalisable cocktail recipes are pre-configured, including the Mojito, the Caipirinha, the Daiquiri, the Margarita, the Blue Lagoon, the Piña Colada, the Sex on the Beach, the Caipiroska, the Cosmopolitan, and the list goes on.

Even better, it is very easy to configure individual homemade cocktail recipes using the admin interface.

The Blendbow cocktail machine offers innovative functionalities: it measures the alcohols, syrups, juices and mint; it crushes the ice cubes, quarters the lemons, and blends the liquid mixture, guaranteeing a quality cocktail every time.

The blender prepares a cocktail in the space of 30 seconds at a consistent quality, regardless of who is pressing the button.

An automated machine means that spillage, leakage and theft are minimised and results in better cost control.

The time saved with the Blendbow’s hardware solution allows for bartenders and waiters to focus on other tasks such as customer satisfaction and up-selling.