Paris, France



Complete all daily back-office duties within 5 minutes with the help of a single software solution.

Hospitality owners have limited resources when it comes to executing their several administrative tasks. To overcome this, they have the option to turn to an external consultancy (which usually comes with heavy financial costs), rely on excel spreadsheets, or acquire a qualified tool. Finding a solution that is dedicated to the unique needs of the hospitality sector, that also covers accounting, HR management and business performance assessment at once is costly. Furthermore, those tools are almost impossible to find in one fully packaged format. Barratiosets out to fill this gap.

Barratio has been developed as a unique and easy-to-scale solution: It caters to both new establishment owners that need support in their day-to-day administrative tasks, and multi-establishment owners who have a need for transversal, a consolidated vision of one or all of their properties’ performances. The software is a SaaS-based (Software as a service)cloud service, meaning that the softwareis licensed to a user and accessed via the internet and a web browser. It also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), OpticalCharacterRecognition (OCR), and e-learning to support on back-office duties. Together the technologies set out to cover a range of tasks.

Sarah Hiryczuk (founder and CEO) was co-managing a bar before she came up with her solution. To follow up on the metrics every week, she built big excel spreadsheets. She searched for a tool that could help her but couldn’t find anything that suited her needs in managing a bar. Barratio was born under to solve this challenge. Sarah has worked 7 years previously with Cecile Martelle, the business development manager, and together with her CTO, Ibukun Bello, for 3 years.