October 2016


London, Great Britain




Apparier is a software solution that matches a fine dining restaurant’s passion for food, hospitality and guest experiences, to each customer’s personal preference for quality service.

Controlled by the restaurant, the transactions take place in before the guest comes to the restaurant, at a premium price. Apparier vastly increases the profitability of the best restaurants, driving their earning levels on their best tables and private dining areas. We help to reduce the financial risk linked to no-shows by unlocking greater efficiency in back and front of house processes.

In this way Apparier drives substantial returns to the restaurant’s bottom line.

It  provides restaurants with technology to generate significant financial benefits for their business whilst supporting their customers preferences for pre purchasing.

The Apparier software solution enables restaurateurs to sell their offers at a premium, their dining packages, daily and seasonal menus, and annual occasions such as valentines day, mothers day, and festive many periods.

Apparier restaurants transact in advance of the customer visit to confirm the booking. Their intuitive and adaptive solution allows for a premium up sell in periods of demand, taking into account the customers booking request details, such as lead time from request to booking date, current waiting list and occupancy ratio, day of the week, time of the day, preferential table location, seasonality, and additional external factors such as business, cultural, and entertainment occasions that can impact on high demand and pricing considerations.

Working with restaurants and their customer touch points coverts inbound calls, email requests or website enquiries into two channels either a traditional reservation, or an opportunity to up-sell based on the restuarants unique characteristics.

Typical characteristics of enquiry that can trigger an up sell and pre pay Apparier solution:

Internal Factors Include: Time of the day, Day of the week, Month of the year, Occupancy %, Specific Table request, Short term lead time, Celebration or Seasonal dates, Private rooms and Dining Experiences.

External Factors Include: National Regional and Local  Business Sporting and Entertainment Events.

The Apparier effect on a restaurant’s business is dependent on how they wish to use the solution and under what frequency, as part of Apparier’s pilot commitment they work with restaurants and their team to find the best user case and scenarios that benefit both guest and restaurant profitability.

The simplicity of Apparier’s adaptive technology and intuitive pricing algorithms will deliver restaurants and customers a winning formula.