September 2016


San Francisco, USA



A.I.-powered supply chain software tailored for fresh food

Initially born out of Stanford’s Computer Science PhD program, Afresh is the first Fresh-food-first supply chain company. Afresh brings the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle the unique complexity of perishable categories (produce, meat, deli, dairy, bakery, and prepared foods) for brick & mortar retailers and wholesalers.

Afresh’s fresh store-level replenishment tool (specialized for produce, meat, deli, dairy, bakery, and prepared foods) minimizes waste while maximizing in-stock rate, and, consequently, profit. Afresh is deploying this technology live in chain-wide deployments and pilots across 500+ stores and has demonstrated the potential to double profits and reduce food waste by 50%+.

The fresh supply chain is like no other: Fresh food introduces significant complexity into a supply chain; fresh is perishable, easily damaged, difficult to track and varies wildly in quality. The differences among countless others differentiate the fresh food supply chain from all others.

Existing supply chain systems are optimised for simple, uniform items that are always the same and last forever. Managing decisions around fresh food that is wildly inconsistent and perishes in days is an exponentially more complex problem that other systems are not equipped to handle.

Afresh takes a novel approach augmenting technology with AI:  Using AI, design thinking and human centred-engineering, Afresh created power tools, purpose-built for fresh, to augment the productivity of people making critical decisions across the supply chain, all while reducing waste and stockouts.

Afresh’s approach paves the way for a fresh future: As a shelf-stable, centre aisle food move online, Fresh is increasingly how customers pick where to shop. With Afresh, grocers can delight customers by being the best in fresh.