Our hospitality program multiplies sales channels, and makes case-driven business development opportunities real. The program not only unlocks access to METRO sales channels, but culminates in a number of Top Ranked Industry Fairs, many of which provide hundreds of leads in just one day. In participating under the METRO brand at Sales Fairs around Europe, we provide participants with unparalleled exposure and therefore more leads.

Applications are open throughout the year with our program running on a quarterly basis.


In this new model, we set out to build a stronger post-program support structure; We open our Executive Mentor Days, and expertise to both our alumni and participating startups.

Working closely with our investment team means access to a network of investors, VCs, business angels and mentors.


This program is perfect for those companies who want to:

  • Enter a new geographical market (commercialised in one country, you are looking to expand into a new geographical market)
  • Expand into the Hospitality vertical (commercialised in another industry, you want to enter hospitality)
  • Expand on scale (already commercialised you are looking to further penetrate the market ex. Nationwide and international expansion)


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METRO and Target have teamed up to operate a one-of-a-kind Retail Accelerator across 2 continents; 10 start-ups will be chosen for a 14 week program taking place in both Berlin and Minneapolis. With the new METRO Target Retail Accelerator certified by Techstars, start-ups are provided with unique access, and piloting opportunities in the wholesale and retail industry across continents. Are you ready to multiply your potential and go global? Applications are now open!   For more information on the program, our partnership, and recruitment events: head to our joint website  

As a participant in our program, you automatically receive:

  • Unparalleled access to METRO’s sales channels
  • A booth at major Hospitality Sales Fairs
  • Bi-annual access to Executive METRO Mentor Days
  • Virtual Webinars & Online content
  • The opportunity to become a lifelong member of METRO- and its partner network
  • A free work space in Berlin

What others said

We interviewed our alumni, so that you could hear what the program meant for them and their business. The interviewees include alumni from both our hospitality and retail cohorts.

Still have questions?

We put together a short webinar, to help answer any outstanding questions you may have on how to apply, and what you can expect from participating in our program.

If you need some more answers head to our FAQ section