Our hospitality program gives participants access to 500+ restaurants and hotels, through which they  test their product, receive continuous feedback, giving them unique insight on how to best develop their product to meet customer demands, all this, while in program.


The partnership does not end there, our post-program support structure exists to push successful start-up solutions to new customers at scale.


Working closely with our investment team means access to a network of investors, VCs, business angels and more.


This program is perfect for:

  • Start-ups digitising the hospitality industry, passionate about innovating and improving the way in which businesses of the sector operate.
  • Start-ups who have restaurants or hotels as a target group.


METRO and Target have teamed up to operate a one-of-a-kind Retail Accelerator across 2 continents; 10 start-ups will be chosen for a 14 week program taking place in both Berlin and Minneapolis. With the new METRO Target Retail Accelerator certified by Techstars, start-ups are provided with unique access, and piloting opportunities in the wholesale and retail industry across continents. Are you ready to multiply your potential and go global? Applications are now open!   For more information on the program, our partnership, and recruitment events: head to our joint website  

As a participant in our program, you automatically receive:

  • An offer of €120,000 worth of investment
  • Unparalleled access to METRO’s intellectual capital
  • Close purpose-driven mentorship from METRO and Techstars industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs
  • Free dedicated working space in Berlin during the program
  • Judiciously prepared high stakes Demo Day
  • The opportunity to become a lifelong member of the METRO and Techstars network

What others said

We interviewed our alumni, so that you could hear what the program meant for them and their business. The interviewees include alumni from both our hospitality and retail cohorts.

Still have questions?

We put together a short webinar, to help answer any outstanding questions you may have on how to apply, and what you can expect from participating in our program.

If you need some more answers head to our FAQ section