Olga Steidl

Olga Steidl

Managing Director, EMEA
, Skyroam

As an 11-year old girl, a solid introvert, I could never have imagined the impact of receiving my first computer at home.
From discovering the world of chatrooms, social networking and then e-commerce, I started on a path that led me to be the youngest VP ever at Yandex, named by the Moscow Times as one of the “Top Ten Russian entrepreneurs to watch” , a poster girl of the Zurich Startup scene, and now to Berlin.


I’ve also had the benefit of falling, hard, twice. Succeeding, strongly, multiple times and I’ve lived and worked across the world, from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vienna and Zurich, to Singapore and Berlin and with quite a few appearances in San Francisco and New York.
This experience and travelling have ended up with me being invited to speak at The Mobile World Congress, Techcrunch events, Campus Conference, MBLT, CTIA, Pirate Summit and Exec IO to name a few.


Now, settled in Berlin, I find myself with 10+ years experience of building tech companies, supporting corporate mavericks and mentoring startups in 6 different countries on business strategies, internationalization, PR, HR, growth, investor relations, and operations.
It’s crazy how far a little grey box with 4mb of Ram and operating DOS can take you!