Kerstin Bock

Kerstin Bock

CEO & Founder, Openers

As a journalist at heart, Kerstin previously used to work for well-known media outlets such as Burda or Holtzbrinck and in political communications. In 2011 she fell in love with Berlin and its thriving startup ecosystem and started working as a communication consultant with focus on technology startups and companies. She joined Tech Open Air (TOA) in the early days and shortly after, together with her co-founders Niko and Carolin, the idea was born to rethink consulting from a new, entrepreneurial point of view.

At Openers we connect, grow and empower innovative companies. We see ourselves as hands-on facilitators at the intersection of innovation. We help technology companies enter new markets & opportunities and connect corporations & brands with the international startup community. We create out-of-the-box communication campaigns, unique event experiences and challenging innovation strategies.