Frederic Schumacher

Frederic Schumacher

Director HoReCa Innov., Hospitality.digital GmbH

Frédéric Schumacher is a graduate of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and Basel University. He is an executive with 20 years of international management experience in the hospitality industry, wholesale and food sector. Being of German-French origin, grown up in Latin America and serving in various functions in Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria and Latin America, Frédéric Schumacher has a “global mind”, familiar with different business and management cultures. He is also leading own family businesses in the food and hospitality sector.

Within the corporate framework of METRO AG his mission is to contribute to the digital transformation of the independent hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) sector. He analyses value chains and change processes as well as digital solutions for the sector. As an architect of digital networks of the global HoReCa sector, he is also identifying organizations and startups and connecting them to the worldwide accelerator activities of METRO AG.

As initiator and co-founder of the METRO chair of innovation at the ECOLE HOTELIERE DE LAUSANNE (EHL), Frédéric Schumacher aims to develop research and education resources that fosters innovation of the HoReCa industry (comprising mainly of SMEs).

In addition to that, Frédéric Schumacher is the founder and responsible of several hospitality.digital management tools for restaurant owners like the COCKPIT, President of hospitality.digital Inc, USA + Initiator and editor of Berlin restaurant & Startup book www.gastrostartupberlin.de