Meetup: Paris 24. May 2018

We are recruiting for hospitality! On the 24 May in Paris we will host a meetup for startups, partners, industry experts and investors.

The keynote speaker, Etienne Boix is the co-founder of QuiToque, a French startup that reimagines the way meals are prepared. The concept: to deliver ingredients for a specific recipe to the door. More information about the startup here.

Our alumni panel will share their experiences from the METRO Accelerator program and how it led them to where they are now.

Come, listen, ask questions, and network. Participate in a community of founders, partners, industry experts and investors.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sign up here access code: paris

Doors open at 18.00

Location: Pratolina Restaurant link here 

Are you a startup and can’t make it to the meetup? Sign up here for office hours on the 24th at Vivatech or the 23rd May in Paris City Centre, and if you are still not available –  sign up for virtual office hours! We want to talk to you!


Etienne Boix

Co-Founder, QuiToque

Sylvia Dudek

Program Director, METRO Accelerator

Sabine Flechet

Director, Innovation Fund, Hospitality.digital