Office Hours: Vienna

Office Hours: Vienna 29. Aug. 2019

We ll be touring through Europe to meet tech startups, to tell you more about our program, and answer any questions you may have!

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Introducing the first-of-its-kind METRO Xcel for Hospitality. Our goal: to bring you more reach faster.

METRO Xcel for Hospitality will require for founders to be onsite for a total of only two intermittent weeks, the rest of the programming will be focused on lead generation.

The goal of Week 1 is to meet with Executive METRO Mentors and create a tailor-made roadmap, customised and modular to each individual company. Week 2 focuses on everything you need to know in order to manage expansion at scale expertly; from HR; to Finance; to Sales Structures; to Governance, to Funding and more.

We unlock access to METRO, its distribution channels and partner network. 

To deliver even more incremental sales opportunities, each program ends with sponsored participation to high profile Industry Sales Fairs, many of which provide hundreds of leads in just one day.


This program is driven by 3 main cases;  tech startups who want to branch into the hospitality industry, hospitality tech startups who want to expand at scale, and/or hospitality tech startups who’s goal it is to enter a new geography.


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